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Debt Collection and Contact - Center Services in Brazil

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We provide Costumer Services in the whole Brazil territory. Among our clients we have some of the biggest firms in the country.

We use state of the art in cloud computing technology to contact the clients, offering the following services:

- Debt Collection (judicial and extrajudicial)

- Contact Center

- Telemarketing


Our debt collection services:

Extra-judicial Collection;

Judicial Credit Recovery;

Debt Negotiation;

Debt Buying Services;

Advisory services;

Credit and Risk Analysis Reports.

Debt buying services in brazil

We can assist international institutions, organizations and private investors that would be willing to purchase brazilian portfolios of delinquent or charged-off debts from a creditor for a fraction of the face value of the debt, by providing the following services:

- identify and prospect opportunities in all fields of the credit industry;

- evaluate the assets and calculate the maximum bidding to be offered;

- formalize the negotiation;

- collect the debts and other services.

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    Address: Uruguaiana street, 94/18° floor, Rio de Janeiro 20040-006 - Brazil

    Telephone: (55-21) 2157-0777

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